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The Night Before

There are those moments

in life that hold sweet anticipation

of the next day ahead…

when we proclaim our

newly found love

for the first time

or say “I do”

to the person we hope

will be with us through

the end of time

or when we

imagine what’s inside

the wrapped gift

under the tree or

nestled in a birthday bag

or when we look forward

to a sweet reunion and

to a hug from a friend

who has been far from our

home but always still

close to our heart…

Then there are those moments

that hold the dread that

comes with the unknown

in the days ahead…

when we face in court

those who hope

to see us broken enough

to never know what healing is

or when we fear the diagnosis

that we feel in our bones

will not be the news

we prayed for

in our darkest hours

or when we take the

chemo and the long hours of

side effects and the uncertainty

of a cure or face the surgery

or know that with the rising sun

we must say goodbye to

a love we are not ready to lose…

And life moves between

these moments

as we weave

together memories

and dry tears

and calm fears

and peek at gifts

while others are asleep

and write love notes

and plan the songs

that help us to celebrate

our joy or to find a way

to say goodbye

and we face both

hopes and fears

and are carried

through these times

by faith, by love

by wonder, by laughter

by tears, by hugs

and by the ones

who journey with us

as we face the

nights before…

--Chris Pepple ©2020

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