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Inspiring Conversations

in your community.

Award-Winning Author 
Freelance Writer * Guest Lecturer 
Motivational Speaker
Editorial Consultant  


Chris Pepple invites you into her conversations

on healing...

on change...

on faith...

on courage...

on determination...

on love...

on self-discovery.

She  gives us glimpses into the journey she has traveled on—

a journey that has taken her through

grief as she faced the loss of loved ones from cancer, from heart disease, from complications from AIDS...

through pain as she struggled to free herself from domestic abuse...

and through joy as she raised two courageous children who found their own voices. 

Looking, Seeing Speaking Tour



Chris Pepple opens doors to new conversations. Contact her now for speaking engagements. 

Looking, Seeing
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Great job, Chris . . .


Ron Rash


You are a very gifted writer, as I have told you before. You are also gifted in being able to see into the writer.



Magazine Editor


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