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Current speaking topics:


  • Poetry Readings: Behind the Words

  • Taking the Fear Out of Deconstructing Our Beliefs

  • Writing a New Ending: How to Start Over When Life Hurts

  • Writing Your Faith Journey

  • How to Move Past Writer’s Block

  • How to Successfully Launch a Book

  • Being an Advocate and Ally for Your Teen 

  • Ending Domestic Violence: It Can Happen

  • Domestic Violence: Understanding Why Leaving is Hard

  • Finding Out What You Really Believe



Please contact me for details related to ghostwriting projects.  Pricing varies per project. 


Must submit ten pages of manuscript for review (at no charge) before job is accepted. $2 per page for proofreading. Minimum: $30 per project.

Typographical Errors

Grammatical Mistakes

Run-On Sentences

Punctuation & Quotation Marks

Subject-Verb Disagreements

Sentence Fragments and Lengths



Comma Usage and Splices



Structure and Theme


Audience Appropriateness

 Does not include verifying accuracy of data including historical names/dates or scientific information included. 

Manuscript Consultant: 


Need to polish your writing? Want feedback on your first draft?

I offer authors detailed comments on their literary work in the following genres: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, memoir, or biography. I provide a close reading of the manuscript and offer comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript. I provide suggestions on how to make the manuscript successful in today’s publishing environment. I will note some spelling/grammatical errors found, but the consultation does not guarantee proofreading. 

Options: $35 for the first 15 pages of the manuscript; $2 per page for each additional page sent. 

Will reply to queries within two business days. 



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