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Growing into Yourself

We all start somewhere

as a somebody

who takes on labels

and names and identities

assigned to us by those who

happen to come our way,

by those who love us,

and by those who don’t…

And as we grow, we wear

those labels for a bit…

we try them on

for size and for a good fit…

We let them wrap around

our souls to see

if they fill us with

the assurance that

we are loveable and whole

and strong and worthy

or if they leave scars from

the chafing as they

restrict us and rub

against our truth,

our very unique being

that we know we

are growing into…

Some labels linger with us

as we know they are

part of who we

were created to be,

and some we shed

knowing they never truly

belonged to us

and failed to define

who we know we are…

We grow into new

identities and names

as we take time to

discover the hope

we were born with

and the wings we grew into,

finding new ways

to live out who

we were all along,

and out of the love

we discovered along our journey,

we give others the space

to do the same,

watching and accepting

as they name who they are,

and we celebrate because

I became me…

And we join hands as

we honor that

who we knew as she

became he

and respect that

who we knew as he

became she…

we dance with joy

that she loves she

and he loves he

and she loves he

and he loves she

And through the

dance of life

we are still we…


--Chris Pepple ©2019

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