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For Hope

I walked through a very hard place in life this week. It was challenging. I turned to my poetry writing (not my normal writing style) as I was trying to find the hope and love that I needed as I kept moving forward. Sometimes we are writing for others; sometimes we are writing for ourselves.

For hope...

If I could tell you now

That I see a way

That I found a place for me

Could I ask you now

Just to call my name

Let me hear a voice?

I could follow hope

If I heard that sound

Like the drum call through the haze

If I could hear a laugh

I could know that joy

That leads me from the flames

If I could hear love

I would know it's sound

And it would rise above the hate

So call my name

Laugh with me

Let love claim it's place

The sounds I seek

Are there within

So call to me through the pain

--Chris Pepple 2016

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