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Bible study encourages readers to leave a written faith legacy

Author Chris Pepple’s fourth book, Writing Your Faith Journey, challenges readers to put their faith into words. This resource encourages Christians to leave behind a faith legacy for children and grandchildren or family members and friends that will include thoughts on various faith topics that have been important on their faith journey. The resource can also be used to start community conversations that explore our faith foundations.

“We spend a lot of hours making wills and other legal documents to ensure that our personal and business assets are passed along to those we intend. I was once asked by a preacher if we took as much time to leave documents that passed along our faith legacy,” says Pepple. “Writing your faith means leaving notes, books, letters or journals that talk about what you believe about hope—what you believe about the comfort and guidance promised to us through the Holy Spirit—what you believe about church attendance—what you believe about forgiveness—and why do you believe these things—where do you get your beliefs…I’m sure mostly from Scripture, but maybe there are hymns or books or poems that deepened your beliefs about these topics.”

Guided questions are included in the back of the book. This study can be used by individuals or church groups/classes. Chris Pepple is available to lead seminars on this topic. Visit for contact information.

“As a Christian Mom, I know how important it is to talk to my children daily about Scriptures and prayer and faith. We share Bible study time and incorporate our faith into our daily lessons. But I know that I won’t always be with my daughters. Whether my time on earth is short or long, I have no way of knowing. But for all of us, physical death will come. When I am not with my daughters or grandchildren, will they have faith questions that they wish we could talk about together? Will they wonder what I believed about a topic or wonder how I chose the church I chose for us to attend? Will they know my thoughts and feelings about my favorite hymns I sing?

“I have been journaling and writing letters for my daughters since they were very young. But recently I realized that I had not written down any of my thoughts about my decisions about which church we attend or about what I believe about baptism (among other faith topics). We have talked about my decisions as a single mother many times, but they may have questions later in life when they are raising their own children. I may not be available for them when the questions arise. I don’t want them guessing about what my words would be. I want to leave behind a faith legacy for my children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren that will include my thoughts on various faith topics that have been important to me on my journey. I am reminded in Scripture of why Paul left us letters: ‘This is why I write these things when I am absent…’ (2 Corinthians 13:10).”

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