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What are your goals for self-publishing?

Self-publishing can offer authors a quick and easy way to get books to market. It can be a dream come true for some writers, but a nightmare for others, however. The difference can be understanding yourself as an author and understanding your options before you leap into the process. If you are considering self-publishing a book, decide what your goals are before you start.

What are your goals for self-publishing?

*To make money? *To preserve a family or community story? *To share your faith? *To inform or educate a particular group of people? *To accompany programs that you lead?

Your goals should guide you through your self-publishing process. For instance, you may choose a less expensive book cover option or binding option if you are publishing to provide a printed family genealogy and have a limited budget. If you are printing books to accompany a study or lecture that you lead, you may opt to use fewer photos which increase the cost of printing. You can save the photos for your on-site presentations. If your goal is strictly financial, you will need to choose a publisher that guarantees placement of your books on key retail websites and offers options for covers that will pop off the web page enough to draw readers to your book.

Set your goals before you make your decisions, then let your goals guide you through the publishing process. You have choices that can help you maximize your potential with your writing while staying within your desired budget.

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