Tap into these resources to help your high school student master language arts. 

You will have access to my Writing and Literature Guides page on this website for three months with each subscription. This gives you access to all of the following material. 


Parent guides/Suggested reading lists:

*Homeschool High School Language Arts: A Guide for Parents (19 pages)

Literature guides currently available:

*”Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley

*”The Flying Machine” by Ray Bradbury

*”Old Man and the Sea” by Hemingway

*”Nonfiction as a Literary Genre (with a discussion of Into Thin      Air and Brave Companions)


Writing guides currently available:

*Writing a Literature Paper

*Sharpen Your Writing Skills

*Strong Paragraphs in Academic Writing

*Persuasive Writing

*Organize an Admissions/Scholarship Essay

*Critical Writing Overview

*Strong Thesis Statements

*Finding Your Writing Style: Tips and Prompts for Writing Students

Grammar guides currently available:

*Hyphen, En Dash, Em Dash: When to Use Each

*Understanding the Comma

*When to Use Colons and Semicolons


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