Your Words…Our Grief

I truly believe that "good people" fail to understand the power of their words. What starts out as mistrust and dislike in one conversation leads to fear and hate for another. And then we grieve where that path leads...again and again...and again.

Your Words…Our Grief

your rhetoric

of otherness

and separation

and exclusion

breeds a hate in the

hearts of your young men

who turn your words

into their mission to

eradicate our towns

of all that you say

your children should fear

and leads us to a grief

that no nation should know—

a river of tears that crosses borders

and runs through our blood-soaked

lands that bear the scars of your

thoughtless chatter…

but the children

of this nation will lead us

away from your bullying taunts

and lead us to love

and we will grieve

the lives lost

and come together

around words of hope

and songs of peace

and chants that unite us

and rap-filled music that drowns out your words

that paved the bloody paths that

brought us here

and love will lead us forth

and hope will carry us

and we will write the names of the fallen ones

in our hearts

and fill our history books with the

stories of those who

rebuild from our brokenness

and heal wounds

and help us come to the table

and break bread with those

others try to erase

--Chris Pepple ©2019


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