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Your Little Hands

It broke my heart to see the pictures of young children crying at our nation's border--children taken from their parents at such a young age. There are many things I can do to try to bring about change. Writing is one of those things.

Your Little Hands

Your little hands

caught your tears

as they fell from

your brown eyes

and you looked down

as your life changed

when mommy

had to go away

but I hear your voice

and I feel your pain,

Little One,

we made you cry

but now I want

to hold your hands

I want to make you smile

I want to take

your hurts away

We taught you fear

but I want you to know

that love will come your way,

Little One,

with tiny hands

holding tears you should have

never had to cry

Let me hold your hands

and show you love

and put your hands

back in the hands of Mom,

back in the hands of love…

--Chris Pepple, 2018

#border #children #immigration #love #change #hope #parenting #shelters

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