This affirming devotional is for anyone who needs to discover or rediscover the heart of the word of God…the beauty of the message…the love flowing through the words…the hope and healing offered for all. In this book, I combine a theological reflection on the verses selected along with fictional stories or poetry to deepen our interaction with the Bible and help us see the beauty in the diversity of God’s world. I end the book with a historical and theological view of the people (including Jesus) who were voices for change. I hope this devotional opens doors to new conversations about our faith and how we live out the words we read when we study the heart of God’s word. 


We are loved by God. That is clear throughout the Bible. God loves me. God loves you. God created a colorful and diverse world. God created people with different gifts and talents. God draws us together in community so we can bring love, healing, and hope to this world. That’s the heart of the word. 

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